MARTINA DIETRICH COUTURE are exclusively dresses, skirts and shirts created and handcrafted by Martina Dietrich.  
Each one-of-a kind MDC garment is an individual creation no dublicates!
Martina Dietrich guarantee worldwide that each MDC cration exist 100% ONCE.

Let Life surprise you - put a MDC Dress on!

At the age of 12 years my mom made me an ordinary skirt. I definitely had completely other ideas in my mind how it should look. My mom interfered right away: I will never let you out of the house with that type of skirt, being that short and that tight. I was disappointed and angry at the same time. Almost immediately an idea came to my mind. Just after my mom left her sewing room in the basement, I went in and headed straight to the sewing machine. I thought, why shouldn't I try it myself? I had watched my mother so many times, while she was sewing clothing for my sisters and myself. My mom had a mechanical sewing machine (still has it!) which you have to pedal by foot to operate it. Just as I began to use the sewing machine, the needle broke and the machine made a strange noise. I started to cry and my mom entered the room to find out what all the fuss was about. After she asked me if everything was alright, i told her with tears in my eyes, that i wanted to sew. Luckily she wasn't angry with me, instead she only asked me if i wanted to learn how to sew.... and YES, from that moment on I began to sew my first skirt for myself. I was fascinated of making clothing. I still feel this way today - the fascination that I felt the first time.

After studying Fashion Design in Germany Martina Dietrich lived and worked in Italy (Venice/ Milan), USA (New York), France (Paris).